Minimal Invasive and General surgery


The standard surgical technique involves a large cut on the skin and related tissues to access the affected part where the problems is being corrected. Recent medical technological advances have allowed us to perform minimally invasive surgical procedures which have tremendous advantages for the patient. These advances have alleviated the fears surrounding surgery for many such as large scars, long recovery times, and surgical error. The future is now, and with the help of these advances in surgical technology, we can craft a healthier and brighter future for all patients.

What is Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)?
Minimally Invasive Surgery or MIS is a surgery procedure typically performed through tiny incisions or operating ports, rather than large incisions. This type of surgery typically results in potentially shorter recovery times, fewer complications, reduced hospitalization costs and overall reduced trauma to the patient. MIS has become the standard-of-care for particular surgical procedures and the addition of robotic assisted technology enables the use of MIS techniques for complex procedures. At MIB Surgery we use both, standard laparoscopy and robotic surgery as the main minimally invasive surgery techniques

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