Nutrient Deficiencies You Need To Be Careful to Prevent

Nutrient Deficiencies You Need To Be Careful to Prevent

Nothing can take the place of a healthy and balanced diet. But even when you eat well, it’s sometimes hard to get all the nutrients you need from food alone. That can lead to nutrient deficiencies.

Nutrient deficiencies are not good for your health. Some can even be dangerous. In fact, researchers believe nutrient deficiencies contribute to significant health disorders, including obesity. 

At MIB Surgery in Plantation, Florida, Abel Bello, MD, and our team want to keep you in the best health possible. We offer nutritional supplements to help balance your health. 

We put together this guide so you can better understand which nutrient deficiencies you need to prevent. Keep reading to learn what you need to know to support your health.

Understanding nutrient deficiency and your health

You can’t always get all the nutrients you need from food. Things besides your diet can play a role. For example, certain health conditions can affect whether you have a nutrient deficiency. 

People who struggle with weight often have higher rates of nutrient deficiency. Even though they’re eating more calories, they tend to eat less nutrient-dense food.

Without these nutrients, cell function and insulin signaling don’t work as they should. That increases your risk of many health issues. Some of these issues include Type 2 diabetes and hormone imbalances. 

Here’s a look at the nutrient deficiencies you want to avoid and what happens if you have them:

If you’re worried you have a nutrient deficiency, don’t wait to talk to our team. The sooner you take steps to address the deficiency, the better your health. 

How nutritional supplements help

At MIB Surgery, we use supplements to help treat chronic medical conditions. Some of these conditions include weight challenges and thyroid conditions. Benefits of supplements include:

Keep in mind that supplements cannot replace a balanced diet. If you struggle with dietary choices, talk to your MIB Surgery provider. Our team can help you improve your nutrient intake as part of our medical weight-loss program. 

Know that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate supplements the way it does medications. That means there’s no guarantee the label is accurate. Talk to our team before taking any supplement.

To learn more about nutrient deficiencies and which nutritional supplements are right for you, schedule an appointment online or over the phone at MIB Surgery in Plantation, Florida.

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