Discover Sweet Tomatoes!

There are so many places to go for lunch, why not pick what’s healthier for you!

Running errands a Tuesday morning with my mother I realized time flew and we had not cooked lunch. My mother, a healthy, organic, vegan on a budget wannabe, recommends the local Sweet Tomatoes this one located at 15901 Pines Blvd in Pembroke Pines.
It’s a buffet kind of establishment; you pay an entry per person and purchase your drink, then choose from the variety of foods they have on display and you can re-fill your plate as many times as you would like (this I would NOT recommend). As I went in, of course, they have a senior special that runs Monday-Friday from 2-5pm for $8.29 including beverage (thanks mother). They had a large variety of salads, soups sweets for the sweet lovers and vegetarian options for the vegans. Everything had the amount of calories per serving and the amount that the “serving” meant which is great for those who are calorie counting. For the pasta lovers, they had vegetarian pasta and for the kids they had Mc&Cheese my son’s favorite! Ice cream was part of the dessert option one specifically with 5 calories per cone which was also considered a vegan option. The sugar free chocolate mousse was a perfect option for Diabetics as well as the cottage cheese which was 45 calories per 1/2 cup and was considered a vegetarian and gluten free option.

Sweet Tomatoes in Pines location to me was overall a perfect place for a nutrition savvy person who is looking for healthier food optionsout there when there is no time or no will to cook.

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