Am I a Candidate for the Gastric Sleeve?

Am I a Candidate for the Gastric Sleeve?

If you experience weight challenges and haven’t had lasting success keeping it off, weight-loss surgery may be a solution for restoring your health. One option available is sleeve gastrectomy, or vertical gastric sleeve surgery.

Choosing to have gastric sleeve surgery is a big decision that requires dedication to a new lifestyle, inpatient surgery, and recovery time. At MIB Surgery, board-certified surgeon Abel Bello, MD, and our compassionate team are dedicated to helping people in Plantation, Florida, meet their health and wellness goals with the right weight-loss surgery.  

For qualified individuals, gastric sleeve surgery can provide help reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. During the procedure, Dr. Bello uses the da Vinci® robotic surgical system to remove about three-quarters of your stomach, leaving a “sleeve” about the size of a banana. 

Keep reading to learn if you’re a candidate for gastric sleeve surgery and what you can expect from this weight-loss procedure. 

Candidates for gastric sleeve surgery

Not all people are candidates for gastric sleeve surgery. By carefully screening individuals and recommending the right weight-loss solution for each person’s specific needs, Dr. Bello helps ensure that the procedure, recovery, and lifestyle change succeed.

Gastric sleeve surgery may be right for you if:

If you meet these criteria, you may be a candidate for the gastric sleeve. However, the only way to determine if gastric sleeve surgery is right for you is by having a consultation with Dr. Bello at MIB Surgery. Dr. Bello makes recommendations based on many factors.

For example, if your BMI is below 40 but between 35-39, you may qualify for gastric sleeve surgery if you also have one or more additional health conditions related to weight challenges, such as diabetes or hypertension. 

Life after gastric sleeve surgery

It’s important to understand that gastric sleeve surgery does not result in instant weight loss. The procedure leaves you with a much smaller stomach to reduce how much food you can eat at once and change your response to hunger. 

The lower caloric intake you’ll follow after the surgery makes it possible to lose weight rapidly, but it won’t happen overnight. Successful results mean being committed to following a strict post-surgical diet. Dr. Bello customizes the recommendations, but you can expect something like the following:

This diet allows your body to recover and adjust to your smaller stomach. Even once you’ve reached the full-recovery phase, you’ll need to eat smaller and more frequent meals and engage in physical activities and exercise for the rest of your life. 

People who undergo gastric sleeve surgery and follow the post-surgical lifestyle changes experience dramatic weight loss. In fact, most people lose about 90 pounds in 12-18 months.

If you’re wondering whether gastric sleeve surgery is right for you, it’s time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bello at MIB Surgery in Plantation, Florida. Call us at 954-546-7958 or request an appointment online. 

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