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The Intragastric Balloon could be just what you need.  This weight loss solution requires no surgery, no cutting, no pain and is a quick same-day procedure performed in an endoscopy setting. 

The balloon is a soft, expandable device that is temporarily inserted into the stomach. It can help you control your appetite and kick start your weight loss. It helps you maximize the effect that diet and exercise can have on you. The amount of weight you can expect to lose depends on many factors including your starting BMI and your commitment to follow-up.  In the US clinical trial, patients lost an average of 40% of their excess weight.  This represented 2X more weight than those who participated in a medically supervised weight loss program alone.  Typical patients can expect to lose anywhere from 20-70lbs .

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Obesity is a chronic and progressive disease that can affect multiple organs in the body. People with clinically severe obesity are at medical risk of disability and premature death. The estimated number of deaths attributable to obesity among U.S. adults is approximately 280,000 each year. At the top of the list of obesity-related co-morbidities are adult onset diabetes and high blood pressure. High blood pressure caused by clinically severe obesity can contribute to heart attacks, congestive heart failure and stroke. Additionally many other medical conditions are commonly caused or exacerbated by obesity.

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Although obesity is a problem overall, the impact it has on the individual person varies. While a procedure can be a good choice for a patient, it may be contraindicated or have undesired effects on the other person. We offer a wide variety of procedures to better fit your specific needs.  For this reason it is important to discuss all your options with your surgeon. Our job is to guide you while making an informed decision and help you achieve your goals safely.

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